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Now Registering Specialty Diving Classes

If you are already SSI certified, but looking to increase your knowledge and experience underwater, Waterworld Scuba has the perfect specialty diving class for your skill level and diving desires. Increase your knowledge about the underwater world with Specialty classes only from Waterworld Scuba.

Specialty Classes Made Just for You

Did you know that Waterworld Scuba offers private classes for specialty courses? Now you can get all of the knowledge that you are looking for, in a one on one environment tailored to your specific needs. If you are looking to learn more about underwater photography our Digital Underwater Photography class can be specially scheduled just for you!


If you are looking to be a more versatile diver, look into Equipment Techniques, Dry Suit Diving, Navigation, or Night Visibility classes. These specialized courses are taught to give you more insight into the world of underwater while increasing your knowledge of that specific field.


Waterworld Scuba is currently accepting registration for their specialty diving classes. Classes are filling up quickly. Make sure to book your class with us!


Not SSI certified yet? Waterworld Scuba can get your SSI certified in a matter of weeks. We are now forming our Summer 2015 for SSI certification. Hurry these will fill quickly! Click here for more information.

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