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Scuba Equipment

At Waterworld we are a fully equipped scuba shop offering everything you could need to make your trip below the surface fun, and safe. Whether you want to snorkel and stay near the surface or need a full suit and all the equipment to make your next scuba adventure a success, we are your one stop shop.

Buy Scuba Equipment

As a full service dive shop, we offer top of the line scuba equipment for purchase. All the scuba equipment we offer from masks the respirators, air tanks, and even suits, have all received the highest safety and durability ratings. We can custom order direct from the manufacturer on all our equipment, and pass the savings on to you. Contact our dive pros today to see if we have your item in inventory. In most cases we can get the item fast for you, and are always glad to do this, to make your next diving adventure fun and safe.

Rent Scuba Equipment

Want to enjoy all the adventure of scuba without the costs of buying all your own equipment? At Waterworld we offer the same high quality scuba gear that we sell, at rental prices. The rental gear is cleaned, sanitized and inspected after each use to ensure that it is in optimal condition for your dive. You can rent the gear by the day, week, or even month, to ensure that you have the gear you want for as long as you need it. Contact our dive pros to see what we can do to make sure you are equipped for your next dive.

Service Your Scuba Equipment

The same process we complete for our rental scuba equipment for inspection, and cleaning is available for the scuba equipment you own. Whether you want us to refill and test your tanks, respiratory gear or suit, we do it all. We even accept gear via shipment for inspection, service, and cleaning, to make sure that you get the best service at the best price, no matter where you are. Contact our scuba pros to learn more about how we service your equipment, and have it back before your next dive.

$7 Air Fills or Unlimited Air Fills for $150/yr

Unlimited NITROX Now Available- $500/yr

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At Waterworld Scuba we are your local air fill station, keeping your tanks topped off before you go on any dive. We provide air tank refills for only $7 each, or you can join our annual membership for unlimited air fills for a full year for just $150.

We now have NITROX! $500 unlimited Nitrox fill for a full year.