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CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a life saving skill that everyone should know.  The combination of delivering timed compression movements on a person’s chest cavity when they are in cardiac arrest, CPR can assist in continually delivering a flow of blood to the brain, heart and other vital organs, thus increasing their chances of a full recovery. This basic life support class can be the difference in survival in an emergency situation.


For divers this skill is more than essential, it is necessary. At Waterworld we teach a CPR class for divers and non-divers to learn this life saving skill.

CPR Course Content Includes:

  • Checks to Perform Prior to Administering CPR
  • Correct Positions to Perform Chest Compressions
  • Exact Process for Administering the Technique
  • Amount of Time you have to Perform Rescue Measures
  • Performing Mouth-to-Mouth Breathing

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